House Rules


1. The indoor playground is for children till 14 years under responsibility and supervision of an adult that stays present during the entire duration of the visit. Groups remain at the responsibility of their accompanying supervisors.

2. In the playground area it is forbidden : - to wear shoes - to eat or drink - to climb up the slide in opposite direction - to climb the nets or on top of the playground structure

3. Whilst using the slides it is advised to wear long sleeves, socks and long trousers. It is forbidden to descend the blue slide without socks.

4. Picnic is not authorised: With exception of baby food & beverages, all other beverages or snacks from outside are not authorized.

5. Everyone needs to adhere to the instructions of the personel regarding safety and respect of others.

6. The Management is not responsible for theft or loss.

7. The Management has the right to deny access, temporarily or permanently, of children whose behavior is dangerous or deamed dangerous for the well being of other children both physically or morally. Evidently this will also be the result of disrespecting any or several of the  "House Rules". This sanction does not entitle a refund.

8. Entrance to the indoor play ground automatically implies acceptance of these 'House Rules'.


We thank you for your understanding, your sense of responsibility and wish you a pleasant stay at Rainbow Kids.


Birthday and Disco party : Conditions

The reservation is final upon receipt of a deposit and this 10 days prior to the birthday party.
The number of participants needs to be confirmed at least 3 days prior to the birthday party.
In case of cancellation, (10 days before the party), the deposit is reimbursed in entrance vouchers.
In case of cancellation (less than 10 days before the party), the deposit will not be reimbursed.
In case of sickness, the birthday can be postponed at no cost with exception of the cake that could
have been ordered.
A cake will be ordered only if a deposit has been given.
Only the birthday cake can be brought in from outside, else a forfait of 5 Eur per person will be charged.
The water and syrop are for the children only. In case of non respect, the forfait of €1.5 will be    
applied by adult.   
The candy bags need to be distributed at the end of the birthday party.   
In order to benefit from the slides, it is advised the children wear long sleeves, socks and long trousers. The access to the blue slide is forbidden for children without socks.